E.M. Adams Gallery

        161 Rocktown-Lambertville Rd

                Lambertville, NJ  08530

                        908 246-2749


Ed Adams is a seasoned artist who has created visionary art and owned an art gallery of his work for over twenty years.  Ed creates paintings, sculpture, and prints that interpret his view of the interiority of the subject.  Ed’s goal is to enable the viewer to engage a work of art that is visually desirable and psychologically rewarding.

Ed finds color and texture irresistible.  His paintings are created using any materials that produce the desired effect such as cloth, stick or his fingers. Most of Ed’s paintings include no brushwork.  Ed coined this process as  “contact painting” to describe his oil, acrylic, watercolor, or mixed media artworks.  Each painting shown at the E.M. Adams Gallery reveals a range of ordinary subject matter re-visioned by Ed’s hands.  This unique process coupled with his imagination result in works of art that transform the ordinary into visual poetry.



The paintings of artist Ed Adams are created without the use of brush.  Ed uses his hands, cloth, stick, or objects that create texture, interest, and reveal his compelling vision.